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Our most popular program - SKI NOW/RAFT LATER

We know you like to ski.  You probably go whitewater rafting too.  A few youth ministers said jokingly, why don't you give us a free raft trip since we go skiing with you?  We said why not!  Join us in the new program like no other in the ski industry.  This is how it works--for every two paid skiers you bring on a qualified ski trip--you'll receive one free raft trip!  Take 50 people skiing and you'll receive 25 raft trips.  Now that's got to help your youth budget!  We're calling this program:  SKI NOW--RAFT LATER.
If you prefer, you can exchange your whitewater rafting tickets for Horseback Riding, High Adventure Ropes Course, Mountain Biking, or Paintball.  As always we offer great prices at great resorts with the very best equipment.  Now you will receive free whitewater rafting tickets as well.  Those youth ministers really had a great idea!  Give us a call at 877-232-1388 for more details or to plan your next ski retreat.

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